Tennessee Requirements to be an Alcohol Server

The Alcohol Server Responsibility and Training Act of 1995 requires you to have a 5-Year Server Permit issued by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission or “TABC”.   In Tennessee you must meet the requirements to be an alcohol server. It’s your responsibility to know if you qualify. You’re NOT eligible for a server permit in […]

RLPS – Online Application steps for an Employee’s On Premise Permit

 RLPS Application Steps for TABC Permit If you do not have an account, you must register – Click on New Users: Register for an Account (located under the password box). Follow the instructions to create an account.  You must log in after creating the account, the site does not log you in automatically (scroll […]

2017 TABC Law Changes

Each year, the General Assembly makes various changes to laws impacting the alcoholic beverage industry. Below, you will find several bullet point summaries of provisions found in this year’s passed legislation. For your convenience, there is a clickable link to each new law.   We will continue to update our frequently asked questions page on […]

Carding confusion: Some locals unsure of laws for ordering drinks

By Chloé Morrison – Published on July 20, 2015   Most people know the drill: Anyone who wants an adult beverage at a local bar or restaurant will likely be required to show proper identification to prove they are at least 21 years old, which is the legal drinking age. Local establishments are required to […]

High-gravity beer is now in Tennessee grocery stores

The beer aisle at your local grocery story might look a bit different starting today. Although it never quite got the attention that the law allowing wine in grocery stores did, Tennessee’s craft beer brewers are rejoicing today now that it’s legal to put their specialties with higher alcohol content on the shelves wherever other beer is sold. A law […]

Repeat DUI offenders: Can they be stopped?

At first glance, Ronald Lewallen’s six-year prison sentence for drunken driving may appear harsh. Other East Tennessee defendants have drawn much lighter punishments. In Sevierville, for example, a man who was drunk when he killed a high school baseball coach during a 2008 crash received no prison time — only probation. But climbing behind the […]

Bartender Guilty After Guy Downs 56 Shots, Dies

A bartender in France has been handed a four-month suspended sentence for manslaughter after a patron fatally threw back 56 shots to break his bar’s record, AFP reports. Renaud Prudhomme, 56—and weighing 260 pounds, per the Local—was helped home from Starter bar in Clermont-Ferrand last October after the drinking competition. Emergency services were called for Prudhomme […]