A bartender in France has been handed a four-month suspended sentence for manslaughter after a patron fatally threw back 56 shots to break his bar’s record, AFP reports. Renaud Prudhomme, 56—and weighing 260 pounds, per the Local—was helped home from Starter bar in Clermont-Ferrand last October after the drinking competition. Emergency services were called for Prudhomme soon after; he was taken to a hospital, where he died the next day of “a bronchial inhalation alcoholic coma,” Le Figaro reports, per the Huffington Post. Bartender Gilles Crepin, 47, admitted he shouldn’t have posted the shots record, which perhaps pushed Prudhomme too far. A judge sentenced Crepin this week and banned him from working in a bar for a year.

Crepin’s lawyer, Renaud Portejoie, says he’ll appeal, calling it “a decision guided by emotion and the unconscious desire to set an example.” Portejoie argued the brunt of the blame was on the victim’s daughter, who encouraged her dad to beat the record, though he had existing respiratory and alcohol abuse problems, unbeknownst to Crepin. “We can’t ask every customer who buys alcohol to present their medical certificates,” Portejoie says. A lawyer for Prudhomme’s daughter says his client wasn’t at the bar at the time of the competition and is “relieved by this decision.” He adds, “We want to remind some professionals that it is illegal to serve alcohol to clients that are in an advanced state of inebriation.” (Forget 56 shots: More than one or two drinks daily can be dangerous.)