Repeat DUI offenders: Can they be stopped?

At first glance, Ronald Lewallen’s six-year prison sentence for drunken driving may appear harsh. Other East Tennessee defendants have drawn much lighter punishments. In Sevierville, for example, a man who was drunk when he killed a high school baseball coach during a 2008 crash received no prison time — only probation. But climbing behind the […]

Bartender Guilty After Guy Downs 56 Shots, Dies

A bartender in France has been handed a four-month suspended sentence for manslaughter after a patron fatally threw back 56 shots to break his bar’s record, AFP reports. Renaud Prudhomme, 56—and weighing 260 pounds, per the Local—was helped home from Starter bar in Clermont-Ferrand last October after the drinking competition. Emergency services were called for Prudhomme […]