ABC Server Card/Permit Replacement Request -TopShelf Express

Request a Replacement ABC Server Card

TopShelf Express will only have a copy of your card if you took your class in East Tennessee from
Sara Goodpaster, Lisa Huffman,  Steve Kilgore, Mark Church-Janes, Jessie Maples, Kurt Rasmussen, Milton Riveria, Mia Powell, John Volpe, or Melinda Wolfe.

If you did not take a TopShelf Express class, you will need to contact the trainer who instructed your class.

You can call the TABC Knoxville office and they can inform you who taught your class and when you took your TABC Class at (865)594-6342.

Complete the form below so we can e-mail you and your employer a replacement ABC server card.

ABC  Server Card Replacement Form – TopShelf Express